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Africa’s Top 6 Must-Visit Rooms in 2022

We shared our most incredible rooms back in 2019, yet after being cooped up for almost two years, we felt it was time to relook this list.


Desert Whisper 1
Africa’s Top 6 Must-Visit Rooms in 2022 8

So while a safari or island escape deserves exploration like no other, these particular lodges are one of the few places where we wouldn’t mind if someone threw away the key and let us be – yes, even after enduring various lockdowns.

1- Submerged in the Wonder of Pemba Island’s Underwater Room

The Manta Resort Pemba Island

uwy photoshopped scaled 1
Photo: The Manta Resort Pemba Island

Ever wanted to sleep in an aquarium? The team behind Manta Resort did too and built this luxurious pinch-me-quick-so-that-it’s-real underwater room on Tanzania’s Pemba Island. Before you ask, yes, it is completely underwater – although no cumbersome scuba gear is required. So picture turquoise water, golden sandy sea beds and vividly coloured fish surrounding your entire room – truly an experience like no other.

2- Modern Architecture Meets Old Grain Silo Giving You Views Like No Other

The Royal Portfolio’s Silo Hotel

ts rooms penthouse lounge view 1200x801 1
Photo: The Royal Portfolio, The Silo Hotel (Cape Town, South Africa)

In the spirit of all things upcycling, The Silo at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town nailed this trend in 2017. Back in the day, in 1924, to be exact, these towers were put to service, boasting a 57-meter tall grain silo that was the highest building in sub-Saharan Africa at the time.

After being decommissioned, its owner sought help from London’s Heatherwick Studio to conceptualize a new look, transforming it into one of South Africa’s most luxurious hotels and an award-winning museum of contemporary art, Zeitz MOCAA. Just for the record, we think that the pool on the roof is one of the best places to take a dip, but we’ll save our top 5 pools for a later blog (watch this space).

3- Under Zambia’s Canopy of Shining Stars

Time + Tide Safaris Zambian Signature Sleepout

Sleepout LowerZambezi scaled 1
Photo: Time + Tide Safaris Signature Sleepout

A safari is a place for reconnection with oneself, with each other, and with mother nature. Yet when you throw Tide + Tide Safaris’ Signature Sleepout to your stay, these reconnections seem even more tangible. Here the night sky promises stars brighter than most, far removed from light or noise pollution – unless you count the lions roaring in the distance. However, fear not, as the staff look after you during your signature sleepout. So while you get an authentic safari stargazing experience, you get the perks of a cosy bedroll, culinary feast and bush loo.

4- Enjoy a treehouse stay like no other at Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

andBeyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

Manyara Banner 2
Photo: andBeyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

Few places can claim to actually “melt” into their surroundings. Introducing Tanzania’s Lake Manyara Tree Lodge. It’s a place where each room feels as if it has been hanging in the trees since the beginning of time. Set inside a remote area of Tanzania’s Lake Manyara National Park, guests experience an “exclusive interpretive safari” in an ancient mahogany forest alongside tree-climbing lions. Don’t fret, though; you’re (just) out of reach.

5- Instagram and Pinterest eat your heart out with Rwanda’s Bisate Lodge

Wilderness Collection’s Bisate Lodge

Photo: Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge

The first time our team visited this lodge, we felt as if we were on the set of Jurassic Park, with the misty Volcanoes National Park in the background and the dense forests hiding these thatched pods. There are no words to describe the Bisate Lodge experience, especially when coupled with gorilla trekking, where you get up close and personal to the world’s last Mountain Gorillas. Instead of wasting your time any further on this paragraph, all we can say is, experience it for yourself; it’s life-changing. Really. It is.

6- Secluded stay in one of the most ancient deserts anyone?

Gondwana Collection’s Desert Whisper

Desert Whisper main banner
Photo: The Gondwana Collection, Desert Whisper

Seeing as though we’re on the topic of films, Gondwana Collection’s Desert Whisper is Mad Max-esque and located in the golden, rocky expanse of the Namib desert. Desert Whisper is a true retreat, embracing the solitude of the desert juxtaposed against the Naukluft Mountains in the distance. This exclusive-use space is reserved for just the two of you, with nature third-wheeling and requesting your presence during sunrise, sunset and dips in the pool.

Of course, many more rooms deserve a spot on this blog, but time is of the essence as Africa is ready to welcome you. We’ve experienced stays in each of these rooms, building relationships with the lodges (and so many more), making us the preferred choice should you wish to stay in any of these suites. We can arrange everything from your flights, transfers, and any special requests you may have.

Reach out to our team for more information and make that African dream holiday a reality in 2022 or even 2023.

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