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Meet the waHadzabe Tribe: some of Africa’s last hunter-gatherers

Close to Lake Eyasi, not far from the iconic Ngorongoro Crater, reside the few remaining families of the ancient waHadzabe tribe (or Hadza or Hadzabe for short).

Living an authentic hunter-gather lifestyle, acquiring no crops, no livestock, and no permanent shelters the Hadza rely solely on their skills to either hunt or gather their food.

Genetic testing suggests that this tribe may symbolize one of the first roots of the human family tree, possibly more than 100,000 years old.

One of the most interesting characteristics of this tribe is their language – the Hadzane – consisting of intriguing tongue clicks and pops. Linguists say that Hadzane is an isolated language is not closely connected to any existing spoken speech.

Mwiba Lodge Hunt with Hadzabe
Mwiba Lodge – forage with the Hadzabe
Kis Mar Kisima Ngeda Camp Photo 7 2022 10 19
Kisima Ngeda Camp -Traditional arrow making

During your time in Tanzania we recommend spending a memorable and insightful day with the Hadza; gaining a captivating insight into their untouched culture and lifestyle. It is the perfect way to reconnect, not only with the raw, natural, ancient land but also with the time-honored beliefs and simple way of life.

Become fully immersed with the Hadza:

Upon arrival you will be greeted by the Hadzabe who will take you through their natural hunting grounds, teaching you all about their survival skills, hunting techniques, foraging and food preparation, traditional dance and beadwork, and the excepted cultural norms.

During your visit with the Hadzabe you’ll be able to go hunting with the men of the tribe, learning how they have proudly survived for years in the wilderness. You may also opt to head out and learn how to gather fruits and berries, how to use a traditional handmade bow and arrow, as well as how to cook the prize hunt of the day over an open fire.

A small warning: this is not a “show” put on for tourists… the Hadza hunt each day for sustenance so there may be small animals or birds killed on a hunt – so if this is something travellers would not be comfortable with, it’s perhaps not a suitable activity.

A day with the Hadza is truly a once in a lifetime experience that will definitely be one of the highlights of your Tanzanian trip.

Mwiba Lodge forage with the Hadzabe
Mwiba Lodge – fire making with the Hadzabe
Mwiba Lodge Hunting with Hadzabe
Mwiba Lodge – foraging with the Hadzabe

Visiting the Hadzabe Tribe can either be done as a day-trip from Karatu (in the foothills of the Ngorongoro Crater), or you can actually stay near Lake Eyasi. Speak to your TrueAfrica Safari Specialist as to which property option may work best for you.

The Hadza: Last Of The First, Directed by Bill Benenson.

Tanzania is a destination known not only for the Great Migration but also an excellent location for year round game viewing, if you are thinking of visiting, be sure to not miss out on the unique culture and treasured life lessons taught by the Hadza and other tribes of Tanzania.

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