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5 of Africa’s Most Unique Bedrooms

For many who travel to Africa today, the focus of a hotel, camp, retreat or lodge tends to be centered around its location, and the variety of experiences that it ultimately delivers to its guests. If you’re anything like us, and also revel in a little interior luxury, if you’re a fan of the frills or a beautiful sleeping arrangement, then read on to discover where some of the most unique and picture-perfect bedrooms in Africa can be found…

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5 of Africa’s Most Unique Bedrooms 6

Sleep on the edge of a volcano

Perched on the slopes of the Olmoti volcano in Northern Tanzania, The Highlands – as the name suggests – is a high altitude camp (approximately 2000 feet above sea level) offering a very unique and elegant way to spend a few nights, in custom-built, dome-shaped tents with breathtaking 180 degree views of the Ngorongoro Highlands region.

Olakira Star gazing tent under the milkyway
5 of Africa’s Most Unique Bedrooms 7

Sleep under the stars in the Serengeti

Looking for front-row tickets to the annual Great Migration in the Northern Serengeti? Olakira’s new star-gazing tents allow guests to roll their beds out and sleep under the night sky, and truly feel as if they are in and amongst the millions of wildebeest that pass through this area between July and October.

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Surround yourself with natural beauty in the Namib desert

Wolvedans Dune Lodge is located on the fringe of the Sossusvlei National Park. Guests are able to experience the sheer desolation which Namibia is renowned for by staying in their completely open-air bedrooms, so that you truly feel as if you are part of the surrounding desert environment.

6Shipwreck Lodge Accommodation Rooms at night
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Sleep amongst the seals on a wild and rugged coastline

Shipwreck Lodge is arguably one of the most remote and unique lodges in Africa… the rooms have been designed to resemble the many shipwrecks found in this wild and far flung coastline of Namibia. Here guests can explore whale bones, seal colonies, shipwrecks and desert-adapted wildlife.

5 of Africa’s Most Unique Bedrooms 10

Experience a different kind of island

We’re not referring to an exotic beach escape, but rather a private island in the middle of the mighty Zambezi river. Here you will find a dreamy, luxury eco-lodge called Sindabezi Island, with only 5 open sided cottages. In place of electricity and Wi-Fi, you’ll find lanterns and the sound of the wild surrounding you… and don’t expect any alarm clocks or wake up calls, the resident hippos are there for that!

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