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Wild and Wonderful: Exploring Africa’s Family-Friendly Wonders

Africa is a captivating continent that offers abundant and unique experiences for travelers of all ages. Want to know the best part? The wide variety of family-friendly properties and activities make it an excellent choice for traveling with kids, which is a welcomed rarity!

1.Activities a visit to the Rhino Sanctuary
A visit to a Rhino sanctuary, Maasai Mara

From wildlife encounters to cultural immersions, Africa has an enchanting way of keeping the little ones engaged and entertained, and we’re firm believers in the mantra: “not all classrooms have four walls!”

In this post, we explore the best spots to captivate short attention spans, while making the trip as enjoyable and stress-free for all as possible! 

Locations you’ll love

When it comes to family-friendly accommodations, a few properties stand out for their remarkable offerings and child-friendly amenities. Chundukwa River Lodge, nestled in Zambia’s serene bushland, is a perfect retreat for families. 

2.CRL Zambezi honeymoon Sunset
Chundukwa River Lodge sunset ride on the Zambezi
3.CRL main deck and pool
Main deck and pool, Chundukwa River Lodge

The lodge provides comfortable and spacious family chalets, ensuring ample room for parents and kids to relax. Children can enjoy horseback riding, canoeing and fishing in the local dam. Of course, a visit to the nearby Victoria Falls is a highlight for the whole family!

4.Nature Lovers 31
Children horseback riding

For families traveling to South Africa, malaria-free destinations are often a top priority. The country boasts several regions that are free from malaria, making it an ideal choice for families with young children. Safari lodges in Madikwe Game Reserve and the Eastern Cape offer incredible wildlife encounters without the risk of malaria. These lodges often provide specially designed children’s programs, including educational activities, bush walks, and game drives tailored to suit the interests of younger travelers.
Another remarkable property for families is the House in the Wild, located in Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

5.Aerial Overview of House in the Wild
Aerial Overview of House in the Wild

Situated overlooking the Mara River, this eco-friendly lodge offers family-friendly accommodation in cozy cottages. Children can enjoy fishing, birdwatching, and even visiting a local Maasai village to learn about the rich cultural heritage of the region.

6.House in the Wild Children Activities
House in the Wild – Children Activities

The lodge also organizes game drives suitable for families, ensuring that everyone can witness and enjoy the spectacular wildlife!

7.Game drives at House in the Wild
Game Drives at House in the Wild

Top tips for enjoyment & best value

Slowing down the pace of travel is an essential aspect to consider. Moving from place to place frequently can be chaotic for kids and exhausting for parents! Instead, opt for longer stays in a few well-chosen destinations, allowing the family to immerse themselves fully in the local culture and environment. This approach typically provides a trip gentler on all parties involved! 

8.Little Moran Experience at House in the Wild
Little Moran Experience at House in the Wild

Bear in mind that family-friendly rates are often available at many accommodations throughout Africa. Children under 18 years old, and sometimes even under 21 years old, can benefit from reduced rates or even stay for free. These are especially helpful for getting the best value for your family vacation.

It’s worth noting that many properties in Africa offer limited family tents or accommodations. If you have younger children, particularly those under 14 years old, it’s advisable to book early to secure a family tent or suitable accommodation that can comfortably accommodate your family’s needs. Planning and booking ahead will help avoid disappointment and ensure a stress-free experience.

Activity ideas

When traveling with kids, it’s essential to have a strategy that keeps them busy throughout the trip. A simple way to do this is to provide a variety of activities and experiences to ensure no one gets ‘bored’ on safari: visit a  local market, enjoy a nature walks, play wildlife bingo or even participate in community upliftment projects

9.Beading Family Activity 1
Beading at Chundukwa River Lodge

Where forward-planning meets fun!

Engaging children in the planning process and allowing them to choose some activities can also foster a sense of involvement and anticipation, which is a great way to develop their planning skills. Ask them to write their suggestions down and pop them into a suggestion box, or make a collage of possible options. 

When done right, traveling Africa with kids is an enriching and rewarding adventure. The continent’s diverse landscapes, incredible wildlife, and vibrant cultures provide endless opportunities for discovery and education. Get ready to pack your bags, embark on a safari, and embark on an unforgettable journey that will captivate the hearts of both young and old.

Bid farewell to the notion that travelling with kids is impossibly difficult, and get in touch with the TrueAfrica team, who’ll be delighted to assist in planning a family-friendly adventure. 

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