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Fly Camping – A Bucket List Experience Under the Stars

A starry sky and just a mosquito net tent between you and the vast African wilderness, the sounds of crackling from the campfire, lion’s roaring in the distance, cooking on the open fire and sharing stories of the African bush – that’s the magic of fly camping in Africa on safari. This is the greatest immersive experience that exposes you and your senses to raw bush life after dark. Accompanied by an armed guide and amazing camp staff to ensure that you can sleep soundly and soak up the experience and all its.

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Drinks under the stars, Asilia Fly Camping

What is Fly camping?

Fly Camping, offered as part of a walking safari, is an adventurous, intimate, and unique sleep – out experience under the stars in a simple but comfortable tent kitted out with a comfortable mattress and warm, thick blankets, along with a hot water bottle ensuring your bed is all warm and toasty as you get ready to snuggle up for the night. No sacrificing creature comforts that’s for sure!

Along with the comfortable sleeping arrangements, you’ll have a canvas bathroom setup with a hot water bucket shower, a long drop “throne”, a portable kitchen, a fully set up bar, and, of course, a roaring fire going perfect for appreciating a beautiful evening under the stars.

In the morning, you’ll wake to the smell of wood smoke as the fire is rekindled, followed by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the day’s African rhythm beginning before the sun is up perfect for enjoying the breathtaking sunrise over the horizon.

Set up in unique locations, along a riverbed, beside open floodplains, under the shade of trees, or under a wide, star-studded expanse of night sky. Whatever the location, you can bet there won’t be anyone else for miles around. Just you and your travel companions, experiencing authentic Africa more intimately than ever before, you will have an exclusive opportunity to connect with the landscape, the wildlife, and the passionate guides joining you in your journey.

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Olmara Fly Camping, Entara

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Ombaku Fly Camping, Entara

How to book your own Fly Camping experience?

If you are of an adventurous spirit, looking for something out of the ordinary and willing to push slightly out of your comfort zone without sacrificing comfort, Fly Camping is an experience not to be missed!

The length of the stay is usually one night before returning to the main camp but can be extended to two or even three nights upon request you might just love it that much. Fly Camping needs to be booked in advance, so be sure to get in touch with us to book your very own safari and include your very own exclusive fly camping experience.

Whether this is your very first safari or your return to the bush, we can’t recommend fly camping enough. The allure of this off-the-grid experience might just be the highlight of your entire trip!

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Naboisho Camp Fly Camping

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