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Part One: A Safari From All Angles With TrueAfrica

“Hey Google, how can I experience a safari with a difference?”

Part One: A Safari From All Angles With TrueAfrica

sutirta budiman kjOBqwMUnWw unsplash
Photo: Sutirta Budiman

To start, you can ask the people who have spent the last two decades going on every type of safari. They skipped the whole ‘got-the-t-shirt-to-prove-it’ stage and instead founded this specialized safari tour company, TrueAfrica – The Safari Company. Writing this blog had our team tickled pink, reminiscing on all the safaris we’ve done, from Selous to Sossusvlei, read on to discover how to experience Africa by day. 

Southern Africa Water-based Safari

A love of adventure
Photo: Machaba Camp

Hold an elephant’s gaze as it lays its trunk down to sip, all while you casually glide past in a traditional mokoro (dugout canoe). Rest assured, the guides here navigate these channels with the same familiarity as the hippos below. While a water-based safari is thrilling, its allure is the freedom of reaching hidden islands no vehicle has ever set treads on – and luckily, you don’t have to paddle to find them. 

Hot Air Balloon Safari

jason hafso 8Sjcc4vExpg unsplash
Photo: Jason Hafso

Enter a celestial world, swapping water for aerial shots over Africa’s most revered safari destinations. A hot air balloon safari is possibly the best way to appreciate the sheer magnitude of the Great Migration as it thunders across the Maasai Mara and Serengeti. Gone are the days of hot air balloons reserved for romantic proposals – although we can certainly help make this moment happen. It’s now inclusive of adventurers, families, and groups of friends looking for a safari with a difference, and this shift in clientele is no surprise when looking at views like these. 

Safari Helicopter Flip

Beyond Rhino Conservation
Photo: &Beyond Phinda Rhino Conservation Experience

A match made in heaven – a helicopter flip in South Africa’s Phinda Game Reserve allows for guests to assist in extending and sustaining green frontiers. A highlight for many of our guests and a chance to see firsthand the works of leading veterinarians and researchers in monitoring Africa’s endangered species. The only way these flights are possible is through guests’ contributions. This makes it an experience that we feel obligated to promote, so will you join us in ‘demanding’ a helicopter flip at Phinda?

Quad Bike Safari

quadBiking 960x600 1
Photo: Namibia Desert Explorers

Rounding things up, we’d have to finish with a quad bike safari in Namibia. Now it sounds more daredevil-esque than it has to be. A safari like this can travel at your group’s preferred speed, so choose your travel partner(s) wisely. As one of the most sparsely populated places globally, Namibia is the place for quad bike safaris. Its ancient deserts, rolling dunes and craggy mountains seemingly appear to hang in the background, regardless of how far you travel. A quad bike safari here allows you to soak up the beauty of the colorful jagged landscape instead of chasing big game – although you will most probably see an antelope or three on your ride. 

Lewa Safari Camp Camel Trekking
Photo: Lewa Safari Camp

Connecting Safari Angles Is Our Forte

These aren’t the only ways to safari, so stay tuned for part two of this love story with Africa. However, the next series will feature safaris that are far slower in pace – think along the lines of safari on four-legs or under thin sheets.

Please do reach out with any questions you may have, or take your time meandering through our website to discover the destinations we arrange bespoke safaris to.