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Kwando River, Okavango, Botswana

Lagoon Camp


  • Perched on the wild Kwando River banks, and nestled beneath ebony and marula trees, this camp is set on a channel off the river. This place is home to a wide variety of birds and mammals, but mostly famous to spot wild dogs, predators and its high concentration of elephants and buffalos.
  • The Kwando Reserve has a well-earned reputation for big game and large elephant and buffalo herds (especially in the winter months when herds of up to a thousand are not uncommon!). They also attract the attention of large predators. The Lagoon wild dog pack regularly den close to the camp and the excellent viewing opportunities have led to Lagoon’s reputation as the place to spot wild dogs in Botswana.
  • The camp offers nine en-suite tents – including a family tent – with inside/outside showers as well as a bathtub for a nice and relaxing afternoon soak. There is just a sense of calm at this place: which is enhanced by the stunning view over the river and close proximity of wildlife.
  • A special feature of the camp is the afternoon river cruise; the unique double deck boat allows you the opportunity to drift along the river while enjoying spectacular views, mammal and birdlife while enjoying your ‘sundowner’ drink!

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