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A Bird’s Eye View Of The Serengeti

Soaring high over the Serengeti was just the most incredible experience. A surprise trip booked by my husband for our honeymoon.

Float above Africa

It started with a very early wake-up call but an hour later we were climbing into our basket for a hot air balloon ride over the African savannah. We took off smoothly and within a couple of minutes were high in the sky. The rising sun cast golden shadows across the plains that stretched out for miles below and the serenity was incredible – it was so peaceful floating high above with only one other balloon in sight and the occasional sound of hot air breaking the silence.

Ballooning Lion
A Bird's Eye View Of The Serengeti 3

Magical views

As the sun rose slowly above the wilderness the colours were spectacular, the view breathtaking and we had the perfect vantage point for game spotting – hundreds of animals below stretching, strolling, hunting and fighting for survival – our lasting memory is the lions looking up at us as we looked down at them!

Ballooning 2
A Bird's Eye View Of The Serengeti 4

Back to earth

The world was peaceful with only one other balloon in sight and no distractions, just us and a couple of other lucky travellers experiencing the world waking up in East Africa. Our pilot who had a fantastically cool hat was in control, pointing out landmarks to us and navigating towards them. After a wonderful hour or so in the air he brought us down to earth for a champagne buffet breakfast – the perfect ending to our trip and a wake up experience I will never forget!

Available in select areas throughout sub-Saharan Africa (ask us!), hot air ballooning is a romantic and exhilarating method of witnessing the stunning scenery of Africa. You may see some wildlife from the air; it is an especially amazing way to witness the Great Migration.

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