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4 Experiences in Africa, For The Adventurous Traveler

It’s not particularly well known that Africa ranks as one of the highest in the world in terms of pure, unadulterated adventure travel. Sure, people know that it’s a top wildlife destination, and that safaris are unique experiences… but few travelers are aware of just how much can be jam packed into one single vacation…

Thrill-seekers and adrenaline lovers, anyone with a heart for adventure, will have their breath taken away by choosing to experience one or a number of different options. With nothing at all between you and the elements, some of the below possibilities are the very definition of exhilarating!

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4 Experiences in Africa, For The Adventurous Traveler 5

Victoria Falls – Devils Pool

Take one of the most thrilling swims of your life, in a small pool on the lip of Victoria Falls – Devil’s Pool sits adjacent to Livingstone Island on the Zambezi River, and is not for the faint hearted!

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4 Experiences in Africa, For The Adventurous Traveler 6

Trek with mountain gorillas

Spend an hour in the company of endangered mountain gorilla families, coming as close as a meter away. We’ve even been nudged out of the way by a Silverback as it strode past us in a hurry. This is rainforest trekking and adventure travel at its finest!

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4 Experiences in Africa, For The Adventurous Traveler 7

Experience a walking safari in Zambia

Walk for up to a week through the thick of Zambia’s wildest national parks. Hike from bush camp to bush camp, with an armed and certified ranger and tracker, knowing that you could stumble upon anything, at any moment. This is the way to get right in touch with your primitive self, as all of your senses are on the highest alert.

Fly camping at Roho ya Selous in the Selous Game Reserve
4 Experiences in Africa, For The Adventurous Traveler 8

Sleep out in the wild at a small fly camp, under the stars

Sleep in a dome shaped tent on the banks of the Rufiji river in the Selous Reserve, where all that separates you from the outside world is a mesh cloth and canvas walls. The sounds that you will hear in the night and the thrill of being 100 % immersed in the wild is a certainly the definition of a life changing experience.

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