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Mathew's Range, Northern Kenya

Kitich Forest Camp


A small, unassuming camp deep in the wilds of Mathew’s Ranges in the Northern Rangelands of Kenya. After some busy days with incredible wildlife viewing, Kitich Forest Camp is the perfect place to unwind and recharge while appreciating the vast wilderness of the forest – which is home to an array of species.

But what makes this camp really special is the fact that the staff have been working with the camp for so long – some since 1990 (that means they’ve been involved for 32 years!). The trackers at Kitich were born and raised in the area, and know the forest intimately — from the medicinal properties of plants, to the tracks, spoors and calls of the different birds and mammals. As members of the Samburu community, they have a rich cultural heritage they are proud to share. All Kitich trackers are former cattle herders, and between them now have 40 years experience working at the camp.

Kitich is surrounded by Namunyak, a 383,000-acre conservancy owned and managed by local communities. It is part of a network of 39 community conservancies across northern Kenya supported by the Northern Rangelands Trust. Together, these conservancies are empowering local people to take charge of their wild spaces which rightly so, belong to the communities who have inhabited these regions for centuries.

60% of the tourism revenue Namunyak receives goes toward conservancy operational costs (eg, salaries for rangers etc) and the remaining 40% goes toward social projects deemed a priority by the community – such as education scholarships and water projects. Kitich has been awarded the sought-after “gold level” status by Ecotourism Kenya.

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