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5 Reasons Why Africa Is The Place For Travel in 2022

African travel is anything but dead. We’re living proof of it. Over the last two years, we’ve continued to arrange bespoke travel itineraries, helping our clients tick off many bucket lists – even if it is only for a safari in 2023 or later!

Time Tide Chongwe 00025 scaled 1
Photo: Time + Tide, Lower Zambezi, Zambia

5 Reasons Why Africa Is The Place For Travel in 2022

Through the uncertainty of bureaucracy, PCR testing and red lists, we’ve still brought people from the world over to see Africa through our eyes, and you know what? We think that 2022 just may very well be the year of African travel as we knew it pre-pandemic. There, we said it, and here’s why we’re sticking by it!

1- Open Spaces And Slower Paces

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe
Photo: the magnificent Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, in full flow.

One of the reasons why our Director, Troy Smith, arrived in Africa and never left was because of the warmth of the people, the way of life where nature dictates the pace, and the vast landscapes few other places in the world can compete with. Africa’s great National Parks are the way to travel in 2022. Open spaces where animals and birds far outnumber people, and where the ‘noise’ of life as we all know it is out of reach.

2- Exclusively Yours

Time Tide South Luangwa 00019 scaled 1
Photo: Time + Tide: game drive in South Luangwa, Zambia

Many of the camps and lodges we work with across Southern and Eastern Africa are boutique camps. It’s just you and a team of dedicated staff living amongst the majestic kings and queens of the bush – National Geographic, eat your heart out! Isn’t it time to go on holiday and only have to share your space with the great outdoors? We definitely think so!

3- The True Taste of Africa

Olivers Camp walking safari sundowners Eliza Deacon HR
Photo: sundowner drinks at Oliver’s Camp (Asilia Africa) in Tarangire, Tanzania.

One of the greatest parts of a safari is the sweet morsels, culinary delights, spicy red wines, and vibrant flavors African chefs are so well-known for bringing to the table. Whether you’re after fine dining, hidden local gems, or basic bistro, we know exactly where to take you – and in most instances, we’ve been lucky enough to try the entire menu. And as for the wine list? We’re well-versed in Pinotage, Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc, and Grenache, to name but a few of the varietals found in the famed Cape Winelands.

4- Travel Without Fear

Flycamp morning tea at tent
Photo: by Asilia Africa, enjoying your morning tea at a fly camp.

As a team of local safari specialists on the ground in Africa, we’ve seen how swift the governments here have been in their Covid protocol setting. The destinations that we specialize in hold far lower daily infection rates than Europe and America, with populations in agreement with the importance of vaccinations, and in almost all cases, the people involved in tourism and camp staff are all fully vaccinated. We’ve gotten used to complimenting face mask patterns, and luckily we’re a continent of people who not only smile with our lips but with our eyes and generous hearts too.

5- Africa Like You’ve Never Seen It

lion drinking 7 a
5 Reasons Why Africa Is The Place For Travel in 2022 7

An African safari in 2022 may look like nothing you’ve ever seen before, as her lands have spent the past two years adjusting to fewer vehicles and tourists. She’s spent time sipping from the fountain of youth, where paths in the bush have grown wild yet again, and her grasslands given time to flourish uninterrupted. This may very well be the year where you can see Africa like she was way before we got here.

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