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To Wi-fi or Not to Wi-fi

Modern day travel begs the question… to wi-fi or not to wi-fi? It’s the first thing we request at check in. Whether sharing photos, attending to business, sending well wishes to loved ones… we just can’t seem to manage without being connected.

But what did travel in Africa – or anywhere for that matter – look like just over a decade ago? When there were no Google maps, no social media or selfie sticks, and definitely no signal in the Serengeti.

What can one expect when travelling to these remote locations, today?

Switching off when travelling in Africa is on the whole, encouraged. After all, travelers journey thousands of miles to witness incomparable levels of beauty and wildlife. Africa is the one place that quietly demands your undivided attention.

So, will there be Wi-fi on safari?

The majority of camps and lodges will have one or two spots of signal on their premises, typically in their lounge area. This means that back in your room, you can delight in a little forced downtime…

Listen to lion roaring in the distance, notice the night sky and which phase the moon is in, read a favorite book and sleep like you are a child again. It’s the perfect compromise in our opinion… while not totally offline, there is enough network distance to take a deep breath, to truly embrace your surroundings and to remain present, and in the moment.

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