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Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Usangu Expedition Camp


Located deep in the remote southern corner of Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park, and set on the outskirts of the Usangu floodplains, Usangu Expedition Camp offers an immersive, conservation driven experience for those seeking some “off the beaten track” adventure.

The Usangu Wetland features a permanent water source in its centre, the Ihefu Swamp, surrounded by grassy marshlands and floodplains. Boating through the waterways amongst an array of birdlife, walking the wide open grasslands during the dry season months, or sleeping under the enormous canopy of the African night sky; Usangu offers a diverse safari experience.

This intimate camp offers an exclusive experience into this largely unexplored wetland. The four simple yet comfortable tents with en-suite bathrooms are positioned on raised wooden decking with views towards the wetlands and a shaded veranda to take some time and relax. Simple in its design, the main focus here is on the exploratory nature of the experience with meals cooked on the open fire and enjoyed under the African stars.

Usangu offers a wide variety of activities, like night game drives or explore the area on foot or by boat, alongside access to ongoing local research projects. For those looking to further enhance this unique experience, customised conservation activities are available.

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