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Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Kichaka Expeditions


On foot, what a way to explore Ruaha National Park! Kichaka Expeditions is well-known for their walking safaris. As one of their hosts and guide, Moli, is particularly fond of saying, ‘To see the bush you must drive, but to fully understand it you must walk!’.

Some more reasons why we enjoy Kichaka Expeditions:

  • Kichaka developed their concept based on the movements of wildlife being able to move around freely to explore without the constraint of being in a permanent camp/one location. It’s an incredible way to experience the vast wilderness of Ruaha.
  • Mobile fly tented camping at it’s best! Fantastic bush dining.
  • The camp can take either private or small groups (shared option) bookings of no more than six guests at any one time, ensuring complete exclusivity in the wilderness

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